Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Journey Updates

Updates have begun!
Some of the entries have been updated already
 - see Blast Door Map for example.
(But mostly, I will be updating posts 
in alphabetical order.)

I participated in the Cancer Gets LOST auction 
and acquired some amazing and priceless
LOST treasures!!!
I have also acquired some really special
items from daily browsing of eBay listings,
the generosity of amazing friends,
and frequent Google searches
for all things LOST.  

And I have discovered a few items that I have
owned for some time, but neglected to include
in few of the original posts.

new stuff, old stuff, awesome stuff
LOST stuff
coming soon.


  1. Hi, I really like this blog. It's obivious that you put a lot of time and work into it. I left a question under your Swan entry. Having a blog, I know sometimes unless a comment in placed on the title page, it can be overlooked. Again, great blog.


  2. I just saw your original post and answered your question as best I could. I'm looking for address for cartographer so you can contact for more information.

  3. Thank you, that would be amazing. Thanks again,