Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sydney Airport

Oceanic Flight 815 departed from the Sydney Airport.
Some of the most wonderful flashbacks scenes of LOST 
took place at the airport. 

(I particularly enjoyed Locke's drug-induced dream/hallucination set at the airport
in "Further Instructions" when Desmond appeared as as a pilot.)

Chrissy was the Oceanic ticket agent that Jack argued with at the Sydney airport.
She wasn't going to allow Christian Shephard's coffin on the plane without proper
documentation, but finally relented.

Melinda Soerjoko potrayed Chrissy in the Season 1 episode "White Rabbit". 
She was seen in two additional episodes as well.
My collection includes an autographed 8" x 10" photo of Ms. Soerjoko.
I purchased it from another autograph collector, so it includes inscription to him.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Swan

The Swan Station was so integral to LOST and my collection
reflect its importance.  The Swan entry in The LOST Encyclopedia
includes "The Hatch", the station, as well as the related iconic elements
such as the countdown clock, the failsafe key, The Hatch Painting...

I decided to break down this post into sections that deal with the 
different elements. 

The Hatch

Inkworks LOST Season 1 Case Topper card

The Hatch Trading card holder by Paul Burrows/Room23Store

McFarlane Series 1 John Locke action figure stands 
on top of the Hatch.

McFarlane Series 1 Diorama of the Hatch

"Down the Hatch" edition of LOST in Comics 
by JJ Harrison

The Hatch can be seen in the foreground of "LOST" by Tyler Stout.

"The Hatch" by Kevin Tong was the eighth print released in
The LOST Underground Art Project, Series 1.
My print is #163/300.

Plans and Blueprints

This floor plan of the Swan Station was a bonus for renewing my
subscription to LOST The Official Magagzine a few years ago.

I recently purchased a set of
Dhama Initiative Floor Plans & Orientation Package
for Station 3 "The Swan"
from Paradigm Studios.

There are 8 sheets in the package, 
each measuring 17" x 11". 
The package is jam-packed with information.

Cover page

The cover page is embossed with a raised seal near the bottom.

Page 2 - Orientation Information

Page 3 - Upper Level Plan View

Page 4 - Lower Level Plan View

Page 5 - Station Arrangements

Page 6 - Island Map & Location

Page 7 - Dharma Iconography

Page 8 - Dharma Food Labels

Inside the Swan Station

"Mystery of the Island Jigsaw Puzzle" #1 - The Hatch

(see also Blast Door Map)

"The Hatch Painting" by Jack Bender
framed print from the Timothy Yarger Gallery exhibit
signed by Jack Bender

Dharma Swan Logo

The Dharma Swan logo is everywhere in my collection.....
The Patch



Key Fob

License Plate

Earrings (to be worn with my Dharma jumpsuit of course)

Shoulder bag from The Official LOST Fan Club Kit #2

Limited Edition Dharma Swan Mosaic #4/25

"LOST" by Olly Moss

"The Swan" by Rob Jones
was the 10th print released in 
The LOST Underground Art Project, Series 1.

Dharma Swan Signs

Paper mache'

Multi-layer acrylic

Metal of the crown jewels of my collection:
the Swan sign, made from carved styrofoam, hangs adjacent to
framed screencap from Season 2 episode of LOST. 

Countdown Clock

Inkworks LOST Revelations Case Topper card

The countdown clock alsp appears on a 2009 calendar.

This mini banner displays the countdown clock on one side
and the system failure hieroglyphics on the other.
I usually display the banner on a garden flag post near my front door.

"LOST" by Olly Moss
displays the hieroglyphics in one of the fragments.

"System Failure" by drMikey

Fail Safe Key

There are two fail safe keys in my collection.
The first came with the Official LOST Fan Club Kit

It is displayed in my LOST shadow box.

The second key is an accurate prop replica
that hangs from my rear-view mirror.

A fragment of "LOST" by Olly Moss
features the fail safe key.