Monday, August 12, 2013

Autographed LOST Encyclopedia

I participated in the
Cancer Gets LOST auction
last fall. I bid on a lot of things and
was lucky enough to win 5 items.

The final item I won in the auction is an 
autographed LOST Encyclopedia.

Both the inside cover... 

...and title page are autographed by cast members,
and writers and producers of LOST.

The LOST Encyclopedia is near and dear to my heart.
I even created a blog to match up items in my LOST Collection
with the encyclopedia entries.

Jo Garfein and Jared Wong, 
the administrators and founders of Cancer Gets LOST, 
lugged a stack of the LOST Encyclopedia 
across multiple cities and states for the signings.
I couldn't be more grateful and appreciative!

  the entries...
I used Cancer Gets LOST signing photos when available.
Several of the entries are illustrated with segment videos 
from the Cancer Gets LOST podcast. 

Inside Cover:
Eric Lange (Stuart Radzinsky)

(used with permission of Cancer Gets LOST)

Andrea Gabriel (Noor "Nadia" Abed Jaseem"

Sterling Beaumon (young Ben Linus)

(used with the permission of Cancer Gets LOST)

Jorge Garcia (Hugo "Hurley" Reyes)

Neil Hopkins (Liam Pace)

Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet Burke)

(used with the permission of Cancer Gets LOST)

Sam Anderson (Bernard Nadler)

L. Scott Caldwell (Rose Henderson Nadler)

 Daniel Roebuck (Dr. Leslie Arzt)

Carlton Cuse  

(used with the permission of Cancer gets LOST)

Edward Kitsis

Adam Horowitz

(used with the permission of Cancer Gets LOST)

Elizabeth Sarnoff
(signature very light)

Note: Editor/Director Mark Goldman also appears in this segment of the podcast.
I cannot how express how kind and generous he is. 
Future post will detail his high level of awesomeness. 
(Hint: Edit of an episode of OUAT dedicated to me...written proof!)

 Damon Lindelof

Gregg Nations

Javier Grillo-Marxuach

(This is probably is coolest-looking autograph of anyone
associated with LOST imho.)
last, but certainly not least.....
Bookplate signed by the authors of the LOST Encyclopedia
Tara Bennett and Paul Terry

I hold all of the individuals who signed my autographed
copy of The LOST Encyclopedia in high esteem and regard.
Their talent, creativity and vision contributed
to what I will always consider


My friends Jared Wong and Paul McQue 
were instrumental in my head-on-a-stick
aka HOST having photo op with
Nestor Carbonell at Walker Stalker Con 
in Chicago March 14, 2014.
Mr. Carbonell signed my LOST Encyclopedia 
as well. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Journey Updates

Updates have begun!
Some of the entries have been updated already
 - see Blast Door Map for example.
(But mostly, I will be updating posts 
in alphabetical order.)

I participated in the Cancer Gets LOST auction 
and acquired some amazing and priceless
LOST treasures!!!
I have also acquired some really special
items from daily browsing of eBay listings,
the generosity of amazing friends,
and frequent Google searches
for all things LOST.  

And I have discovered a few items that I have
owned for some time, but neglected to include
in few of the original posts.

new stuff, old stuff, awesome stuff
LOST stuff
coming soon.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Journey Continues

My journey through the LOST Encyclopedia
continues almost daily.
Now it leads back to wear it began, 
to the beginning of the book.

Tara Bennett sent me an autographed bookplate 
signed by her and Paul Terry.
It also includes an inscription.

I am beyond thrilled to have the signatures
of both authors of The LOST Encyclopedia
grace the inside cover. 

Thank you Tara and Paul for all of your hard
work and attention to detail.

Note: I knew Tara would be attending SDCC 2011,
and I hoped to meet her and have her sign
my LOST Encyclopedia. I carried the incredibly
heavy book around for two days until I got *smart*
and just put the dust cover in my backpack.
Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts
I never got to meet Tara in person. 
Next year.....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Moving On

The final page of The LOST Encyclopedia shows
Christian Shephard moving into the light.

 "fin" by M. Brady Clark is an 19 x 25 2 Color Serigraph,
 printed on #80 lb. French Paper Dur-O-Tone butcher extra blue stock. 

Closeup detail #1:

Closeup Detail #2:

My print is #2/50. It is more of a powder blue color
 in person than in the image on his site.

 I was compelled to purchase the final LOST cast photo.
"The Sanctuary" is an 10"x8" print of the cast in the sanctuary of the church
after their "awakenings" and reunion. It is a limited edition print of 815. 
My print is numbered 162/815. Mario Perez was the photographer. 
Below is closeup image of the photograph, and my framed copy.

This is the final entry in My Journey Through The LOST Encyclopedia.
But my journey is far from over. My collection is ever expanding and
evolving and I'm sure new items will be added to various entries
over the coming months and years.

LOST became so much more than just a television show to me.
It expanded my mind, stimulated my imagination, provided
introductions to an amazing group of people I am proud to call
my friends. So I cannot heed Christian Shephard's words.
I am never letting go.

 I am LOST forever.

Flash Sideways: Stained Glass Window

Zort70/Ian Knight, the administrator at designed
a variation on the stained glass window from the Flash Sideways,
incorporating the numbers.
It is available on a number of items in his CafePress Store
as well as a screensaver download for the iPhone and iPad
I currently have the design as my lockscreen background.

and it is bound to show up on another item in
my LOST Collection. Stay tuned.

and surprise! Here is the design on the
window of The Barracks, the LOSTie house 
shared in San Diego for Comic Con 2011.
(photo courtesy Rob Perrin)

(photo courtesy Rob Perrin)

more can be read about it here:

I have often mentioned the amazing people I have met
and lifelong friendships formed through LOST.

Ian Knight is one of those people.
He managed to surprise with with one of the
 most magnificent gifts that I have ever received.

Ian attended Collectormania in England on May 26, 2013
and posted a photo on Twitter of Henry Ian Cusick
holding up his LOST Numbers design print.
AWESOME!!!! I was so envious....

I was overwhelmed when the poster was 
delivered to me a few weeks later.
It was autographed to meeeeeeeee!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Flash Sideways: Jack Shephard

My collection includes an autographed photo of Dylan Minnette,
who portrayed Jack and Juliet's son, David Shephard in the Flash Sideways.

Also check out the Jack Shephard entry
for more Jack memorabilia in my collection.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Flash Sideways: James Ford

FroDesign Print from finale - "Dutch Coffee". My print is #18/42.
...Juliet's dying words to Sawyer and her
reawakening words to him in the Sideways afterlife.

The rest of the Sawyer memorabilia in my collection can