Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Journey Continues

My journey through the LOST Encyclopedia
continues almost daily.
Now it leads back to wear it began, 
to the beginning of the book.

Tara Bennett sent me an autographed bookplate 
signed by her and Paul Terry.
It also includes an inscription.

I am beyond thrilled to have the signatures
of both authors of The LOST Encyclopedia
grace the inside cover. 

Thank you Tara and Paul for all of your hard
work and attention to detail.

Note: I knew Tara would be attending SDCC 2011,
and I hoped to meet her and have her sign
my LOST Encyclopedia. I carried the incredibly
heavy book around for two days until I got *smart*
and just put the dust cover in my backpack.
Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts
I never got to meet Tara in person. 
Next year.....

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