Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Savor and Relish

I was overjoyed when the announcement was made that an Encyclopedia of all things LOST would be published. The finished product is an amazing compilation, written by Paul Terry and Tara Bennett and published by DK Publishing.

It felt like Christmas when I finally had my copy of The LOST Encyclopedia in hand and eagerly began thumbing through the entries.  And an idea was born.  I decided it would be a fun project to illustrate each entry with corresponding items from my ever-expanding LOST collection.  This project is for me and I hope it fills a little bit of the void that has existed since "The End" aired. It also gives me an opportunity to rediscover and enjoy the pieces of LOST I have collected over the last six plus years.

*Note* I will be including entries from the Season 6 "Sideways" timeline in alphabetical order, though The LOST Encyclopedia deals with the sideways timeline at the end of the book.

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