Wednesday, May 11, 2011


What lies in the shadow of the statue?  

LOST Collage Tshirt by Jimiyo

The design is also my iPhone Lockscreen

as well as on a sticker that I purchased from 
Jimiyo's RedBubble store.

Taweret appears on the awesome mug I received as part of the 
GritFX LOST prize package I won last year.

The drawing was performed in an amazing video. I was thrilled!

I was one of the first five who purchased "AbAeterno" 
by drMikey and received this bonus Taweret bust.

This is a replica of the Taweret statue that was given to select 
attendees of the LOST Underground Art Project Exhibit
at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. Someone made casts of their
statue and sold on eBay. I had to have one.

The mini bust and statue together...

"Four-Toed Statue" by Jason Munn was the 6th of 16 prints
released in the LOST Underground Art Project, Series 1
aka DamonCarltonAndAPolarBear.
My print is #127/300.


  1. Any idea where I could get one of the four toed statue replicas? I've been looking for a while!


  2. I found mine on eBay and probably paid too much for it. But I haven't seen any listed since Spring of 2010.