Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tom Friendly

MC Gainey portrayed Tom.

Inkworks LOST Revelations "The Others" card

Inkworks LOST Revelations Autograph card

Inkworks LOST Season 2 Character card #73

Inkworks LOST Season 3 Character card #65

Rittenhouse LOST Archives Autograph card

Rittenhouse LOST Archives Character card #51

I haven't acquired the costume card for Tom Friendly
in the newly released Rittenhouse LOST Relic set as yet.

My collection includes threee 8" x10" photos signed by MC Gainey.

Tom is included in Don Pinset's spectacular
LOST Caricature compilation print.
I hope to have my print framed shortly.
It measures 24" x 36" and is just FANTASTIC!

"Walt's Kidnapping" by Drew Millward was the 11th print released
in the LOST Underground Art Project, Series 1.  
My print is as yet unframed and living in my portfolio.
It is #276/300.

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