Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Moving On

The final page of The LOST Encyclopedia shows
Christian Shephard moving into the light.

 "fin" by M. Brady Clark is an 19 x 25 2 Color Serigraph,
 printed on #80 lb. French Paper Dur-O-Tone butcher extra blue stock. 

Closeup detail #1:

Closeup Detail #2:

My print is #2/50. It is more of a powder blue color
 in person than in the image on his site.

 I was compelled to purchase the final LOST cast photo.
"The Sanctuary" is an 10"x8" print of the cast in the sanctuary of the church
after their "awakenings" and reunion. It is a limited edition print of 815. 
My print is numbered 162/815. Mario Perez was the photographer. 
Below is closeup image of the photograph, and my framed copy.

This is the final entry in My Journey Through The LOST Encyclopedia.
But my journey is far from over. My collection is ever expanding and
evolving and I'm sure new items will be added to various entries
over the coming months and years.

LOST became so much more than just a television show to me.
It expanded my mind, stimulated my imagination, provided
introductions to an amazing group of people I am proud to call
my friends. So I cannot heed Christian Shephard's words.
I am never letting go.

 I am LOST forever.

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  1. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful Lost things. Namaste