Thursday, February 3, 2011

MacCutcheon Whiskey

As posted in previous entries, 
my collection includes a MacCutcheon label...

...and print #27/42 of "MacCutcheon" by FroDesign.
It illustrates Charles Widmore's words to Desmond
in both the sideways and regular timelines.

My friend Ian Knight submitted a MacCutcheon
label design to the LOST 2014 logo design contest.

Another of his designs actually won, but Ian made the 
MacCutcheon design available in his CafrPress shop.
I initially purchased a pair of the drinking glasses....

...and was later gifted with a MacCutcheon shot glass 
and actual miniature bottle of scotch bearing the 
MacCutcheon label! I have both displayed in a 
shadow box with some other LOST "collector bottles".

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