Sunday, February 6, 2011

Man in Black

Man in Black was portrayed by more actors 
than any other character on LOST. 

Ryan Bradford portrayed MiB as a child.
6x15 YourTrueFamily.jpg
I have written to him, requesting an autograph.
I'll update this post if/when I receive a response.

MiB also appeared as manifestations of Christian Shephard

6x09 RunDeadWife.jpg

Yemi vision.jpg


John Locke

2x10 MonsterApproaching.jpg

Titus Welliver portrayed Man in Black
in his original human form.
My collection includes:

Rittenhouse LOST Seasons 1-5 Autograph card

Rittenhouse LOST Archives Artifex card

Rittenhouse LOST Archives Character Card #42

Autographed card

Sketch card of  Man in Black by Augustin Iglesias.
The portrait is a limited edition ACEO card, numbered #3/15 
and is signed by the artist on the back of the card.

The illustration is the same portrait sketch that appeared
in Pearson Moore's book, LOST Identity.
Jacob's chapter is entitled "The Man in Black"
and the sketch appears on page 96. 

Character card by Paul Burrows/Room23Store

Bif Bang Pow! released a Man in Black
action figure as a Comic Con 2010 exclusive.


Man In Black is included in Don Pinset's spectacular
LOST Caricature compilation print.
I hope to have my print framed shortly.
It measures 24" x 36" and is just FANTASTIC!

MiB and his brother are featured on 
"Rock'em Sock'em Candidates" by Mike Myers aka Drawsgood.
I have both the Tshirt from TeeFury & the print from Imagekind.

"LOST Faces" by FroDesign

Jacob and the Man in Black are the main subjects of "Candidates" 
by Branden Otto. It is a limited edition screen print of 50.

"Candidates" is part of a diptych that also includes
"Just Progress". Both prints are #9/50.

Jacob and the Man in Black" by Jeff Soto #417/500

...and finally
"Locke in Black" by drMikey aka Mike Stanton
is an awesome (and scary) look at the metamorphosis of
Man in Black into John Locke.