Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Smoke Monster

tika tika tika

Limited Edition ACEO Sketch card by Geri Centonze
of the Smoke Monster and Mr. Eko #1/5

Character card by Paul Burrows/Room23Store

LOST The Animated Series by drawsgood aka Michael Myers
 featured The Smoke Monster

The Smoke Monster mug by Ty Mattson

I have collected a number of Tshirts from TeeFury, Ript, Woot, ShirtyShirts
that offer alternate explanations of the Smoke Monster....

The Smookie Monster


Smoke Machine

The Smoke Monster even checked out Gilligan and the Skipper

"SmokeBuster" Tshirt

Ript Apparel  "I Dream of Smokey" 

Mr. Eko and the Smoke Monster amigurumi dolls

The Smoke Monster came with my Limited Edition "Knot Locke"

"Smoke Break" by Lauren Gregg. My print is #2/100.

The original was purchased by Damon Lindelof 
LOST Art Exhibit at Gallery 1988.

The Smoke Monster by Ken Taylor was the seventh print released in
The LOST Underground Art Project - Series 1, aka

Ken Taylor also contributed a print to the LOST Underground Art Project, 
Series 2 that included the Smoke Monster.
"Kate and Claire"


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