Thursday, April 14, 2011

Squirrel Baby

I love Squirrel Baby! I think it was one of the most brilliant props
in the entire run of LOST.  As of yet I have not received a drawing
of Squirrel Baby commissioned from Ryan Dunlavey during his 
"10 Buck Commission" offer, but will post photo as soon as I receive it.

I am also trying out how to duplicate Squirrel Baby on a smaller scale for
my Claire figure from Bif Bang Pow! Claire isn't released until July, 
so I have a little time.

The Claire Littleton Bobble Head, also by Bif Bang Pow! is holding Squirrel Baby.

Note to all toy manufacturers: 
Someone PLEASE make a Squirrel Baby.

UPDATE! Squirrel Baby Sketch - 8/16/2011
I received this awesome Squirrel Baby sketch
by artist and illustrator Ryan Dunlavey in today's mail.
Ryan offered $10 commission sketches a few months ago, 
and I requested sketches of Squirrel Baby, Miles and Desmond.

***UPDATE 6/19/14***

I’ve wanted a *Squirrel Baby on Board* sign since I saw a photo of one in Wired 
Magazine. The photo accompanied an interview with Darlton during Season 6 
and was taken in the LOST writers’ room. Someonehad made a mockup
of Squirrel Baby on the bulletin board.

I decided to use the Ryan Dunlavey Squirrel Baby sketch as the image
 for my Squirrel Baby on Board sign (yes, I obtained his permission) and 
asked Ian Knight to do the sign layout. 

I have one sign hanging in the rear window of my car.

A second SBOB sign is displayed in my
"LOST Bottle" Shadowbox.

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