Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Numbers

The Numbers are everywhere!

Prop replica lottery ticket that came with the McFarlane 
Series I Hurley action figure... displayed in a shadow box along with other 
small pieces of LOST memorabilia.

The Numbers are also on this Oceanic scratch-off ticket....

...and small enamel pin, also displayed in the shadow box.

Inkworks LOST Season 1 Die-Cut Chase card set

The Numbers are in my wardrobe....

The Numbers are featured on this Limited Edition (of one) Tshirt
designed by Ian Knight of LostArgs.
It is a LostArgs/Comic Con 2011 shirt created for
our Lostie meetup at Comic Con in July.
A group of us will be sharing adjacent townhouses
dubbed "The Barracks".

...and on a braceletr made by a Lostie pal.

LOST Mystery of the Island Jigsaw Puzzle #3/4
was all about The Numbers.

My LOST stamp collection features the numbers.

The Numbers can bee seen in the clouds of "Progress" 
by drMikey aka Mike Stanton.

Jim MacLeod's "You All, Everybody" features The Numbers
in the upper right-hand corner.

Tim Doyle's "The Numbers" repeats The Numbers
in the background over and over again.

The Dharma Van by Methane Studios features 
The Numbers inside a Dharma bagua on the side of the van.

They are really freaking Hurley out.

The Numbers are in a fragment of Olly Moss's "LOST".....

....and also scattered throughout "The Hatch Painting"
print by Jack Bender. I guess you could say that
this print is the original LOST art.
I am very proud to own this print. It is signed by Jack Bender
in the lower right-hand corner.

"LOST Faces" by FroDesign has many images to digest:

Man In Black and Jacob centrally positioned, with polar bears flanking them 
and Locke and Jack on the periphery.
Taweret, Oceanic 815, and the Frozen Donkey Wheel appear,
 with The Numbers woven throughout.
A quote from John Locke appears at the bottom of the print:
"I have looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw was beautiful."
My print is #9/42

and finally "The Numbers" by FroDesign features an icon illustration
for each of the Candidates by their assigned number.
The print measure 33" x11" and was a limited edition of only six.
My print is #3/6

The Numbers keychain, ring and cuff bracelet

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