Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Pearl

As with the other Dharma Stations, I have a Pearl Station patch.

The Pearl logo is on the Dharma glassware I purchased
from the abc.com store.
Shot glass

Rocks glass (back row)

and pint glass (back row)

Inkworks The DHARMA INITIATIVE Orientation Flash Cards
Inkworks introduced a special edition set of trading cards at Comic Con 2006. It was a six card set featuring The Dharma Initiative Orientation video from Season Two. A limited number of packages contained a variant of card 4. The regular version of card 4 showed a model of the computer room of the Swan Station. The variant card 4 featured the Pearl Station. Both cards are included in the scan of the set below. The magnet promoting LOST Season 2 DVD, and the outer wrapper of the set comprise the last two pockets of this album page.

My collection also includes a prop replica of the Pearl Station
Orientation video case. The Pearl Station Observation Journals
were purchased from the abc.com store after Season 2.

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