Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oceanic Flight 815

I've acquired a good amount of Oceanic 815 memorabilia
and collectibles for my LOST collection.

My most-prized Oceanic item is a model that sits on the top
shelf of the etagere that houses my McFarlane LOST figures.

I have an Oceanic Travel poster created by Paul Van Scott, 
who also created the LOST mosaics in my collection.

My friend Chris Jones created this banner. It is just fantastic!
It measures 45" x 21" and was hung regularly on LOST viewing nights.

I have Oceanic "luggage".
The official LOST Oceanic flight bag....

LARGE Oceanic duffle bag/carry-on well as an Oceanic drawstring knapsack that was included in the 
Official LOST Fan Club Kit #1....

...and the LOST Season 3 DVD Promotional luggage tag.

A lot of small Oceanic memorabilia is displayed in a shadow box:
Buttons, Oceanic Pilot wings, Jack Shephard's Frequent Flyer card,
an Oceanic scratch-off ticket and a paper flag from the Season 2
Sunset on the Beach VIP party in Hawaii.

I have an Oceanic shot glass... well as an Official Oceanic water bottle from the LOST Auction.

and a prop replica of Jack Shephard's boarding pass.

Inkworks LOST Season 1 Chase card set
Missing: Oceanic 815

Inkworks LOST Season 3 Propworks card
containing an actual piece of the plane.

Inkworks LOST Season 3 
Propworks/Autograph card
signed by Greg Grunberg

Rittenhouse LOST Relics Prop Card

and finally, "The Crash" by Eric Tan and "LOST" by Tyler Stout 
depict the fate of Oceanic Flight 815


"Fly Oceanic Airlines" By Nate Duval.

My print is #121/150

"Didn't Stick the Landing" by Tim Doyle. 
This print was part of the Unreal Estate III exhibit at Spoke Art Gallery.
I purchased both the regular and variant versions.

I've only framed the variant version so far. My print is #5/50

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  1. So freaking cool. I love that shadow box. Man! I'm so late to the Lost collecting game I can't even start.