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Survivors (Oceanic Flight 815)

I am attempting to acquire
the autograph of everyone who appeared on LOST.
If I don't already have an autograph, I have written to the
actor requesting one. I've also included many characters in this entry that
were not included in The LOST Encyclopedia.
Those characters have a "***" preceding their names.
Those who I have already obtained an autograph or
other memorabilia are highlighted in red.
I thought it was important to include the "unsung" background cast.
Most of the information came from Lostpedia.
I only included the actors that were identified by name.

"Barbara Joanna Miller" was portrayed by Kathleen O'Neill.
She drowned and Kate later attempted to steal her identity.
She was seated in the middle section of the plane.
Joanna Miller

***"Blonde Casualty" was portrayed by Pamela Larson.
She appeared in 11 episodes of LOST.
Blonde Casualty was seated in the middle section of the plane.
Blonde casualty Bg-dakota-headshot.jpg

"Blue Striped Shirt", also known as SBSSG, (sexy blue striped shirt girl)
was portrayed by Faith Fay. She appeared as a background character 
throughout Season 1. She was seated in the middle section of the plane.

"Craig" was portrayed by Chris Candella. He appeared as a background 
character throughout all six Seasons of LOST.  Craig was seated in the middle 
section of the plane.

"Donald" was portrayed by Glenn Lehmann.
He was seated in the tail section of the plane and
treated by Libby following the crash.

***"Doug" was portrayed by Sean David Hoban
in 14 episodes of LOST. Doug was seated in the middle section.

"Emma" was portrayed by Kierston Havelock.
She was seated in the tail section with her brother Zack
and they were both taken by the Others.

Inkworks LOST Revelation Survivors: Tail Section card

Inkworks LOST Revelations "Taken"card 

"Gary Troup" was portrayed by stuntman Frank Torres.
He was the author of the mystery novel Bad Twin and
 the controversial The Valenzetti Equation
He was seated in the middle section of the plane and
 survived the crash, only to be sucked into the engine.

An unknown actor portrayed Gary Troup in video interviews
during The LOST Experience ARG.
Gary Troup

My collection includes a copy of Bad Twin.

***"Gas Man" was portrayed by Geoff Heise and wasn't seen
on screen after Pilot.
Gas Man

"Jack's First Island Patient", also known as "Tourniquet Man"
was portrayed by Dale Radomski.
Tourniquet man

"Jerome" was portrayed by Jim Mazzerella.
He was seated in the middle section of the plane.

Jim was seated in the tail section. His character
was mentioned, but unidentified on screen.

Lance was seated in the middle section of the plane. 
His character was mentioned, but not identified on screen.

Man on the Beach was portrayed by Jon Sakata.
He was seated in the tail section.

Nancy was seated in the tail section.
The actress was not credited.

"Nathan" was portrayed by Josh Randall.
He was seated in the tail section of the plane.

Inkworks LOST Revelations "Survivors: Tail Section" card

Inkworks LOST Season 2 Autograph card

***"Richard" was portrayed by Bryan Sato
Richard was seated in the middle section of the plane.
Richard Richard-1x17.jpg

8"x10" photo signed by Bryan Sato.

Scott Jackson was portrayed by Dustin Watchman.
Scott was seated in the middle section of the plane.
Scott Jackson

Inkworks LOST Revelations Autograph cards
Dustin Watchman signed three versions of the autograph cards:
black ink (common- 500 cards), silver ink (uncommon- 300 cards), 
and gold ink (rare - 100 cards). My collection contains all three versions.

Scott was constantly confused with:
Steve Jenkins was portryed by Christian Bowman.
He was seated in the middle section of the plane
Steve Jenkins

Sullivan (aka annoying skin-rash guy) was portrayed by Scott Paulin.

"Zack" was portrayed by Mickey Graue.
Zack was seated in the tail section of the plane.

Inkworks LOST Revelations Suvvivors: Tail Section card.

Inkworks LOST Revelations "Taken" card

"Unnamed" Background Cast - Middle Section of the Plane
Background Cast
...most of the background cast were seen through Season 4.
Marcia Ardito

Wes Haviland

Rolf Burton

Ivana Michelle Smith
"N.D. Survivor"

Amado Cacho
 Armado Cacho.jpg

Judy Chamness

Scott Day

Paul Edney

Reuben Games

Wayne Geiger

Matt Goldstein

Juliet Goodell
BGJuliette Goodell.jpg

Becky Goodman

Easy Grabow

Ava Grace

Dane Justman
BGDane Justman.jpg Dane-justman.jpg

*03/19/2011 - Update*\
I acquired 8"x10" photo autographed by Dane Justman

Jesse K

Kalai Kamauoha

John Karaya
John Karaya.jpg

Natalie Mei Lau

John Ludwig

Chloe McCullough

Marjorie Muriano

Ben McDermott

Beth Merritt

Alan Mueting
 Alan Mueting.jpg

Tony Natoli

Jaymie Nishigaya
Tvs6x01unknownfemale.jpg Bg-midunknown04-3x23.jpg

Lisa Romano

Tom Reese

Kiana Sedeno

Ivana Michele Smith

Jesse Smith

Adelina Soares

Aden Stay

Vera Stone

Steve Tanizaki
Bg-tanizaki.jpg  Bg-steve-tanizaki-3x21promo.jpg

Floyd V
  Floyd V.jpg

Rand Wilson also stunt-doubled for Michael.

Lynn Wood
Bg-lynnewood-3x23.jpg  LynneWoodplanewing.jpg

John Yee

Terron Zorne 
File:Malextra7-2x01.jpg Bg-terren-headshot.jpg

Happy Zurowski
Extras-1x03.jpg  Happy.jpg

Background Cast - Tailsection

Julia Summo
Julia Summo-LOST.jpg

Michael deYcaza

Bob G

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