Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dharma Initiative

The Dharma Initiative has infiltrated almost every aspect of my life. 
The DeGroots would be proud.

I'm "marked".

My wardrobe...
I customized these shoes to wear to the LOST panel 
at Comic Con a few years ago.

...and yes, I have a Dharma jumpsuit.
I made up my own job description though.

I have all of the Dharma Station patches for a quick
alteration in case I get reassigned.

There are also enamel pins for spiffing up my jumpsuit.

as well as a knapsack.
This knapsack was included in the 
Official LOST Fan Club Kit #1
from Creation Entertainment.

Mealtime is affected. From the canned goods....

Dharma Initiative freeze Dried Ice Cream
-promotional item given to attendees of the 
LOST Season 3 Premiere, Sunset on the Beach.

Dharma Macaroni & Cheese Supper, 
signed by Naveen Andrews.  The mac 'n'cheese
was one of several Dharma Initiative products
handed out to audience members of 
"Jimmy Kimmel: Aloha to LOST".
Each product was signed by one of the cast members
appearing on "Aloha to LOST".

to Dharma dining.

Beverages are included....
Dharma Initiative Bottled Water
from The Official LOST Auction


..as well as coasters for the beverages.

There's a Dharma lunchbox for meals on the go...

I bathe the Dharma way.

And drive the Dharma Mobile to work each day.

It's evident both arriving

and departing.

The fail-safe key hangs from my rear-view mirror.

Dharma Tracks was one of the six music releases
 by iTunes & abc at the start of the 6th Season of LOST.
As with each of the LOST Tracks releases, I burned a CD for myself.

My dedication has been recognized by 
The Hanso Foundation in association with 
The Dharma Initiative.

I have Dharma Initiative trading cards.
This set was a Comic Con exclusive from Inkworks.

This is a recruitment flyer from Comic Con.

The back side features instructions for an
origami swan.

Visitors to my home are greeted by
a Dharma Initiative mini banner that hangs
from a small garden flag holder placed near the front door.

I have several individual Dharma Station signs, but will save those photos
for the individual Dharma Station entries.

Finally, my own personal Dharma logo.
"AndAlone" was designed by Jon Lachonis.

I had a ceramic tile made up at CafePress.

I've added a set of four Dharma guitar picks to my 
collection. I don't play the guitar, but
they are uber-cool....and glow in the dark!
They were a gift from my son.

I completely forgot I had this Dharma poker set, so
neglected to include it in the original post.
I purchased it from the abc LOST store several years
ago. It is no longer available but I saw one
on eBay with asking price of *GASP* $500!
I paid about $50 for it as I recall.

"Skeletor Seems to Like IT. Bottoms Up" 
by Josua Budich #15/50