Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Island

I have two prop replica maps of the island.
The first is Rousseau's full island map.
It measures approximately 10"x8".

The second is Rousseau's crater map with notations in French.
It was included with McFarlane's LOST Series I Shannon figure.

Rittenhouse LOST Season 1-5 included a lenticular motion card
of the bright light and disappearance of the island
following Ben's turning of the frozen donkey wheel.

This LOST Season 2 Film Crew long-sleeved shirt
features a caricature of the island on the back.

"LOST Season II" is printed on the left sleeve.

***UPDATE 10/28/12***

I purchased a fantastic geographical study of THE ISLAND.
 Jonah Adkins is the cartographer.
It is available at imagekind.

Due to space considerations, I ordered the 16" x 20" map.
Larger sizes are available.

The map is really well done, including the location
of Dharma Stations and the important sites
as seen on LOST.

This is the second "LOST" map by Jonah Adkins 
in my collection. I previously posted a map
of The LOST Experience ARG.

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  1. Hi, where did you buy the first Rousseau's full island map?
    Do you have a high resolution scan to me?