Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass design is my personal favorite of all of the Dharma logos.
The descent to the Looking Glass is represented in my collection with
"Charlie's Shoe" by drMikey aka Mike Stanton.


This tote was purchased from the
DamonCarltonAndAPolarBear site
It was designed by Nathan Cabrera in a limited edition of 815.
(Check out the remaining art still available. The prices have been reduced from $50 to $35.)

Tshirt by Juicebox Clothing

As I mentioned in the "Charlie Pace" entry, Charlie's
death really affected me. I made and hung a
Looking Glass flag the next day as a tribute
to Charlie's sacrifice.

I also have a Looking Glass coaster...

...that came in a set of four different Dharma symbols.

Of course there is a Looking Glass patch in my collection.

I splurged just a bit and also purchased a metal Looking Glass sign.
It is fairly large, measuring 17" across at its widest point.

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