Sunday, January 16, 2011

Juliet Burke

Elizabeth Mitchell is my "She-ro". 
Again, very little in my collection can match the items my friend Rob Perrin
purchased in the LOST Auction. He purchased two of Juliet's shirts.
There are amazing entries in his blog detailing each of them:

Rob was extremely kind and generous and surprised me with photos
of my "Head on a Stick" photographed in each of the shirts.
(The signatures on my head are from fellow Losties.
 My head on a stick is currently on a World Tour,
visiting friends made through LOST.)

The other Juliet/Elizabeth Mitchell items in my collection
 seem inadequate by comparison....

Inkworks LOST Season 3 Character card

Inkworks LOST Season 3 Pieceworks (costume) card
featuring bit of Juliet's shirt from the episode
"The Cost of Living".

Inkworks LOST Season 3 Dual Pieceworks (costume) card
featuring bits of both Jack's & Juliet's shirts from
"The Cost of Living".

Inkworks LOST Season 3 Autograph card

Rittenhouse LOST Seasons 1-5 Promo Card

Rittenhouse LOST Seasons 1-5 Artifex card

Rittenhouse LOST Archives Dharma Patch card #176/250

Rittenhouse LOST Archives Character card

Rittenhouse LOST Relics Costume Card #325/350

Sketch card of Juliet by Augustin Iglesias.
The portrait is a limited edition ACEO
card, numbered #5/15 and is signed by the artist on the
back of the card.

The illustration is the same portrait sketch that appeared
in Pearson Moore's book, LOST Identity.
Juliet's chapter is entitled "The Cameleon".

Character card by Paul Burrows/Room23Store

Limited Edition Mosaic of Juliet - #2/25, 
made up of hundreds of tiny LOST images.

I have two 8'x10" photos signed by Elizabeth Mitchell.

She also signed the LOST Season 5 "Destiny Calls"
poster I purchased in the charity fundraiser for
Stand Up To Cancer.

Big Bang Pow! released a Juliet figure in their
series of LOST 8" action figures. 

I've begun customizing Mego Juliet.
Juliet arrives on THE ISLAND

Jungle Juliet 

Juliet is a chibi in Sasha Servey's LOST Chibis #3

Juliet is included in Don Pinset's spectacular
LOST Caricature compilation print.
I hope to have my print framed shortly.
It measures 24" x 36" and is just FANTASTIC!

She is included on both Jim MacLeod's
"You All, Everybody"

and Tyler Stout's "LOST".

Ben is #117 in
"Jacob Loves You" by Jared Wong.
The print was created for Cancer Gets LOST.

(photo used with the permission of Cancer Gets LOST)

Branden Otto diptych

The individual titles of the prints are Candidates and Just Progress.
My prints are both #9/50.
Juliet is pictured in Just Progress


  1. This is an amazing way to showcase your collection! I'm really enjoying each of the posts.

  2. HOST wears Julilet's shirt well. Taking me a while to get thru the posts. I see I'm way behind Rob!