Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Barracks

This entry should be before Benjamin Linus, but I was distracted and messed up.

"The Barracks" by Nate Duval was the 13th print in 
The LOST Underground Art Project aka
DamonCarltonAndAPolarBear, Series I.
My print is #216/300.

A map of the Barracks was included with LOST Season 5
Dharma Initiative Blu-Ray set.

***UPDATE 10/26/12***

I neglected to include two "Barracks" party favors 
in the original post.
The items were included in the party favor bag
from the LOSTie party at Comic Con 2011.
We nicknamed the two condos shared
by a group of LOSTie pals
"The Barracks" and the party was held 
Wednesday night before Comic Con.

I made memo clips using 
wooden Monopoly houses ordered from Germany.
I painted the roofs brown and attached to a 
small wooden clothespin.

I obtained permission from Nate Duval
to use the image from "The Barracks"
on buttons. My friend Chris L.
added lettering to the image.

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