Friday, December 17, 2010

Danielle Rousseau

Danielle Rousseau was portrayed by two actresses.
Melissa Farman played young Danielle Rousseau in 1988-1989.

I have written to Ms. Farman, requesting an autograph.
I'll update this post if/when I receive a response.

Mira Furlan played Danielle Rousseau in her forties.

Inkworks LOST Season One Autograph card

Rittenhouse LOST Seasons 1-5 Autograph card

Rittenhouse LOST Archives Character card #15

Character card by Paul Burrows/Room23Store

Donruss Americana II (2008 release)

Sketch card of Danielle by Augustin Iglesias.
The portrait is a limited edition ACEOcard, numbered #2/15 
and is signed by the artist on the back of the card.

The illustration is the same portrait sketch that appeared
in Pearson Moore's book, LOST Identity.
Danille's chapter is entitled "The Mother"
and the sketch appears on page 128.

Creation Entertainment Season 1 Promotional Photo

8"x10" photo signed by Mira Furlan

My collection also includes "Rousseau's Transmission"
by Dan McCarthy. It was the ninth limited edition screen print released
in DamonCarltonAndAPolarBear, Series 1., #118/300

closeup of the dialog bubble...Rousseau's words repeated 
on the transmission loop.

Danielle is a chibi in Sasha Servey's LOST Chibi #4

Danielle Rousseau is included in Don Pinset's spectacular
LOST Caricature compilation print.
I hope to have my print framed shortly.
It measures 24" x 36" and is just FANTASTIC!

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