Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Cabin

My collection includes a print of the painting seen in various locations 
throughout Jacob's Cabin. The artist is Thomas Hannsz, 
who also painted "Black Rock Storm".

My collection also includes Daniel Danger's
"And that's why my hand was shaking. Because this is not a man you go and see, 
this is a man who summons you."
It is commonly referred to as "Jacob's Cabin".
It was the 11th limited edition screen print released in 
The LOST Underground Art Project 
aka DamonCarltonAndAPolarBeasr, Series I.

My print was a gift from a dear friend,
 and therefore one of the most cherished items in my collection.
It hasn't been framed yet, and is still living in my portfolio

My print is #99/300. It is numbered in the lower left corner.

The title of the print is centered across the bottom.

Daniel Danger signed the print in the lower right corner.

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