Monday, December 27, 2010

Fish Biscuits

Sugar cookies, baked in the shape of fish biscuits were sent 
(along with Oceanic luggage tags) as
 promotional items for the LOST Season 3 DVD release.
They were mailed in a Dharma Initiative box.
While not the same as the fish biscuits seen
on-screen, they are still an officially
released item and way cool.

One of the cookies arrived broken, 
but all three are still in their original wrappers.

I purchased a fish biscuit necklace from
a shop on Etsy.  It is a great way to dress up
all of my LOST Tshirts!

...speaking of LOST Tshirts,
I happen to have one that pays homage to 
fish biscuits!

I also made fish biscuit ornaments for my
LOST Christmas tree, using a salt/flour/water dough that
I baked and then painted with nail polish.  Nail polish gives a
stronger, more vibrant finish than regular acrylic paint.

Fish Biscuits were also represented in Olly Moss's "LOST",
the final print in DamonCarltonAndAPolarBear, Series II.

I toured the Cancer Gets LOST exhibit 
at the Paley Center in Los Angeles on May 30, 2014.
The exhibit features original LOST props and wardrobe
that will be included in the CGL auction in September.

THE fish biscuit machine is on display at the exhibit.

My head-on-a-stick (HOST) couldn't resist a photo op.

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