Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I am attempting to obtain autographs from each of the actors 
portraying doctors on LOST. 
So far, I have only had success with one.
I'll update this post if/when I receive additional responses.

Dr. Evelyn Ariza - portrayed by Stepanie Niznik
in the Season 5 episode "The Little Prince".
Evelyn Ariza

Dr. Douglas Brooks - portrayed by Bruce Davison
in the Season 2 episode "Dave" and the Season 6 episode
"Everybody Loves Hugo".
My collection includes a
Rittenhouse LOST Archive Autograph card

Rittenhouse LOST Archives Character card #33

and an 8"x10" photo autographed by Bruce Davison.

Dr. Curtis - portrayed by Dann Seki
 in the Season 1 episode "Numbers".
Dr. Curtis

Dr. Je-Gyu Kim - portrayed by Greg Joung Paik 
in the Season 2 episode "The Whole Truth".
Dr. Je-Gyu Kim

*Note: This character left out of 'Doctors' entry in the LOST Encyclopedia  .
Dr. Erika Stevenson - portrayed by April Parker-Jones
in the Season 4 Episode "Something Nice Back Home".
Dr. Erika Stevenson

Dr. Stillman - portrayed by Bill Fiddler
in the Season 4 episode "Something Nice Back Home".
Dr. Stillman

Dr. Woodruff - portrayed by Julian Barnes 
in the Season 3 episode "Par Avion".
Dr. Woodruff

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