Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bernard Nadler

Sam Anderson portrayed Bernard Nadler, husband of Rose and dentist extraordinaire.

Inkworks LOST Revelations "Survivors: Tail Section" card

Inkworks LOST Season 2 Character card #65

He is featured on an Inkworks LOST Season 2 Autograph Card....

a Rittenhouse LOST Seasons 1-5 Autograph Card....

a Rittenhouse Archives Artifex card

and a Rittenhouse LOST Archives Autograph Card

Rittenhouse LOST Archives Character card #6

Rittenhouse LOST Relics Costume card #54/350

Character card by Paul Burrows/Room23Store

My collections also contains an 8"x10" photo,
signed by Sam Anderson.

One of the Cancer Gets LOST auction items 
that I bid on and won is this 
LOST Encyclopedia signed by the writers/producers and 
many cast members.  Sam Anderson
was one of the cast members who signed.
(screencap used with the permission of Cancer Gets LOST)

Bernard is a chibi, pictured with Rose in Sasha Sevey's LOST Chibi #4

Bernard is included in Don Pinset's spectacular
LOST Caricature compilation print.
I hope to have my print framed shortly.
It measures 24" x 36" and is just FANTASTIC!

Branden Otto diptych

The individual titles of the prints are Candidates and Just Progress.
My prints are both #9/50.
Bernard is pictured in Just Progress.

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