Wednesday, December 1, 2010


There are several ankhs in my LOST Collection.
The first is depicted in the sixth limited edition screen print
from DamonCarltonAndAPolar Bear, Series I
The print is titled "Four-Toed Statue".
My print is #127/300.

I also have a replica of the limited edition Taweret statue
given out to a select group of attendees at the opening of
the LOST exhibit at Gallery 1988. Taweret holds an ankh in each hand.

An ankh is also pictured in a limited edition screen  print
from DamonCarltonAndAPolarBear, Series II.
The print is titled "LOST" by Olly Moss. 
My print is #189/500.

This ankh was included in 
LOST The Complete Collection boxed blu-ray set.

It hasn't arrived yet, but I purchased a limited edition screen print by Ty Mattson
on Monday titled "Final Season." Ty Tweeted to me that my copy is #1/200.
The print features an icon representing each episode in the final season of LOST.
An ankh in a guitar case represents LA_X.

Note : The printed arrived shortly after making this post:

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